He wanted to ran away until he found what he was looking for. Maybe it was a purpose. Maybe it was a new start. Or Maybe it was something simple:a sky full of unclouded stars. Then he met her. When asked who she was all he had to say was this ‘She’s poetry in a world still learning the alphabet.’ ‘Don’t chose me…nobody ever does anyway…but don’t worry…i wouldn’t chose me either,’ she whispered quietly into his ear. You see she was different Than most. She was magic,the moon,the unclouded stars and the universe all woven into one. She was a child of the stars. She had stardust coursing through her veins. And as he sat down to listen to her story, he realised something…she is complicated…But here’s the catch. She was the most beautiful complicated thing he’d ever seen,a tangled mess of silky string and all he ever wanted of life was to sit down cross-legged and untie her knots. But here’s the thing about pain. It makes you distrust. It makes you question. It literally destroys you. Like a tsunami obliterating everything in its way and that’s what had happened to her. The pain had created monsters within she who was once an angel. How do you destroy a monster without becoming one? Through chaos;his chaos. But what is chaos some of us might ask. Well you see chaos is an angel who fell in love with a demon;the way he blew into her life like a fucking storm tearing the nails and windows out of her soul and opening her up to the sky. People don’t like chaos…it brings confusion, disorder, noise and destruction…but this kind of chaos saved our girl. It restored her, piecing her together and making her whole again. Years later, gray hair from aging, wrinkled faces from smiling so much as they reminisce, they are sitting out on the porch as they watch the sunset that’s when it hits him. The kind of love that exists between them is the kind of love the sun has for the moon; the kind of love where the sun dies every evening just to give the moon a chance to breathe. ‘I’ve always wondered why didn’t you ever leave? Even after I told you my story. Why didn’t you let me go? I’m sure it was very difficult for you to deal with my baggage,’ she questions him. ‘Everyone has baggage,’ he replied smiling at her,’ but I decided to help you unpack yours instead of walking away.’ ‘It still doesn’t answer my question,’ she prodded. ‘What happened to goodbye?’ He looked at her adoringly smiling and replied with one word, ‘2.Am.’ ‘2.Am?’ Our girl asked not quite understanding him. ‘ You know the person you can call at 2.Am and you know you can always count on them no matter what. Even if they are asleep or its cold or you need to be bailed out of jail…they will come no matter what… I am your 2.Am person. It’s the highest form of love.’ And that’s when she realised she didn’t need to be diamonds for him…with him she could be broken glass and her pieces would still shine…

Author: acaseofhumanityforall

Love is the greatest of them all

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