Short introduction

Hello dear readers…This is just a short introduction on what this blog is all about. It is a self development blog both for me the writer and you the reader. It is dedicated to reach out to people out there who feel like all hope is lost…the people who feel like the sun will never shine again in their life…those who feel stuck in a never ending rut…hopeless, desolate, trapped and depressed…im sure everyone of us has experienced those feelings more than once in their life me included and that is okay. That is what being human is all about. Your feelings are valid and it is nothing to be ashamed about. That is why this blog is here. It is a beacon of hope, a light at the end of the tunnel. I know I alone wont be able to reach everybody and that’s okay…that’s why I’m begging you guys..if you read an article and feel it has helped you…share it with somebody…pass it along…we never lose our light by lighting somebody’s else’s candle. We are all one family. Lets refuse to let those around us drown in pits of desperation and hopelessness. Let’s be the change we wanna see in this world. Lets be the people who will stand up and do something not just talking about it. This is a platform where everybody’s opinions are valued and respected no matter who you are or where you are from. And if you don’t agree with what somebody else has said or even what I have written…kindly lets solve the issues as mature people. No hate is allowed. This Is a platform for love, joy, happiness and peace. Everybody is welcomed here regardless of anything. So as the founder of Humanity For All I personally take this chance to welcome everybody on board. I hope and believe this will be a wonderful journey full of amazing surprises. Thank you dear readers and I appreciate all of you very much.


Author: acaseofhumanityforall

Love is the greatest of them all

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